Red Red Wine

Wow, red wine really does go to your head, eh? There was so much I wanted to include, but just couldn’t. So, I decided to put a Hollywood film title spin on my presentation, keeping my comments and rhetoric to a minimum.  Cited sources say “moderate red wine consumption is better for you than not drinking at all. ” 

the royal TANNIN baums

Pretty much everything in wine that’s not alcohol or water is a type of polyphenol – including tannin, color pigment, and wine aromas. The most abundant for health reasons are Procyanidins*, a condensed tannin also found in green tea and dark chocolate.

Young red wines contain greater tannin levels, yielding a higher astringency. Therefore, these wines have more health benefits.

the AGE of innocence 

  • Red wine is heralded for its ageability. However, it must be stored properly. Factors that affect the aging process are temperature, light and humidity. Red wines should be stored at about 55° Fahrenheit.
  • Red wines contain “structure”.  Inherent traits that preserve them longer than white wines.
  • As red wine ages, it becomes less intense in color.

the GRAPES of wrath

  • Red grapes are older than white wine grapes
  • All of the most common red wines are of just one species of grape: Vitis vinifera.
  • The color in wine comes from a plant pigment called anthocyanin, which is found in the skins of red grapes.

the BUCKET list

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – One of the best selling varietals of red wine in the United States. Cabernets are generally big, full bodied and tannic.
  • Merlot – These medium-bodied wines are less tannic than Cabernets.
  • Pinot Noir – This red wine is growing very quickly in popularity. Pinots are typically medium to light bodied with a soft tannic structure.
  • Syrah (Shiraz) – Syrahs have great forward fruit flavors with a hint of pepper and spice.
  • Zinfandel – Zins run the gamut in flavor characteristics and range from big and hearty to light and delicate.

California, for example, is well known for its Cabernet, but not world renowned, as France is for its Bordeaux or Italy is for its Barolo. Australia is the only country that produces Shiraz and while it does have slightly different flavor characteristics than Syrah, it is arguably the same wine.

No COUNTRY for Old Men

Terroir is the complete natural environment in which a particular wine is produced and has a deep impact on the thickness of the skin and the overall sugar content. Climate and regionality matter almost as much as the genetic differences in the red wine grapes

the GLASS castle

There are two main shapes for red wine glasses: the tall, tapered Bordeaux glass and the wide bowl Burgundy glass.

Consequently, I have broken every stemmed wine glass I’ve owned.  Damn things are just too fragile. Solution – stemless wine glasses.

Doctor Strange 

The antioxidants found in red wine lower incidences of cardiovascular disease, mortality, and type-2 diabetes.  *Procyanidins are specifically associated with inhibiting cholesterol plaque in blood vessels, which is highly beneficial to heart health and longevity.  That is why when it comes to the health aspects of wine, old wine isn’t as good!

cited source –

Goal – red wine with high tannins and low alcohol.  I realize that’s not fun, but it is what the doctor ordered. If it aged too long, this musical selection would’t be as appropriate.

Sources also say, “a moderate reading of Random Nonsense is better than none at all.”                                                     

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