No Refills

Ahh, the government finally did right and gave us retail pharmacists something to smile about.  Though it will probably be more of a headache at first, but just knowing we get to deny people their hydrocodone refills will be satisfying enough.  No more excuses about why said prescription went missing, was stolen, fell in the toilet, was washed down the drain … .  The list goes on and on.  You get the idea.

I’m referring to the legislation that changed hydrocodone – better known as ‘Norcos’ – from a class III narcotic to a class II.  By doing so the medication can no longer be called or faxed into pharmacies, refills are no longer available, AND the street value has probably just increased – substantially!

Unfortunately, there are those patients that use hydrocodone for its intended purpose – pain management.  For those patients, it’s inconvenient and unfortunate.  For the remaining 99% that not only refer to their medication as ‘norcos’ – which is so fucking annoying – but gobble the hydrocodone up like M&M’s,  sucks to be you, eh? Not! No sympathy will be felt by any pharmacy employee – anywhere!

I could rant on, but won’t. Instead I will sign off with this article  sent from a ‘brother in arms’ who is probably enjoying the new legislation  more than myself.

“In America, a pill bottle full of prescription benzos or narcotics is 700,000 times more likely to fall into an indoor plumbing receptacle than all other medications combined. Meds to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol are prescribed with ALMOST as much frequency as narcotics and benzos, yet are almost never lost down sinks or toilets. Our aim is to find out if these chemical compounds have some magnetic properties or another explanation for their affinity to porcelain and metal pipes. Our numbers don’t lie — there has to be scientific reasons for this incredible disparity.”

The entire article is a click away – what’s even more comical are the comments.  Readers actually thought this was a valid study.  Maybe those that did had just ‘accidently’ flushed their ‘norcos’ down the toilet.

P.S. – there’s a great picture of a toilet included in the article.  Unfortunately my limited cutting and pasting skills prevented me from posting it here.  Sorry!

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