rethinking the reboot

I grew up watching more weekly television shows than most kids my age.  And, Saturday morning cartoons … . They were the bomb.  Over time, my viewing opportunities decreased, of course.  Though, I still loved the idea of watching a scheduled show. When you’re having a shitty week, knowing that there was something to get you through was nice. Even if it was a 30 minute sit-com.

As I aged even more, my habits changed accordingly.  I worked 2, if not 3, nights every week. And, Life happened. I attempted to tape/DVR certain shows.  Before long, I was so far behind, it was pointless to continue.

Which brings me to the latest television trend – binge watching.  I’m not wired for binge anything – not eating, not drinking, and definitely not watching television. Sounds boring, but I’m fine with it.

Speaking of trending television tendencies, rebooting old shows has become quite the thing to do.  I’ve always said that original ideas are hard to produce. Sustaining quality is even harder.  Therefore, it’s only natural that freshening up an old  network franchise would work.

Not always.

Charlie’s Angels

Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu had the perfect amount of ‘camp’ to pull off these movies.  The short-lived television reboot … didn’t.

Fuller House

The Bob Saget weekly fatherly ‘lessons’ set to music made me nauseous.  Why would I ever watch it again? Besides, those Olsen twins really weren’t that cute.

Will and Grace

never saw an episode – no real reason.


Not a big fan of Rosanne Barr back then.  Not a big fan of Rosanne Barr now, either.

Murphy Brown

The show ran from for 1988 to 1998 – 247 episodes. Over that 10 year run, the show highlighted a running ‘gag’.  Murphy Brown had a total of 93 secretaries – all referred to by number in the closing credits.

secretarial antics – Murphy Brown

Diane English, the series creator, wrote and director almost every episode in the first four years. Then, she departed the show to produce a spin off – which spiraled downward. Fast  Anyway, after she left, the quality of Murphy Brown took a major hit. Two words –  Dan Quayle – potatoes. Okay, that was technically three words.  About that same time,  I was looking for an out.  It was harder and harder to tune in.  I think I lasted the next season. Then, I was done.

Alas, 20 years later, a reboot is on tap.  Diane English is at the helm and Candice Bergen returns in the title role.  However, I probs won’t watch.  Bergen portrayed a strong, brash woman taking on, like, everyone – especially the system. Back then, it was funny. Now, that’s the LAST thing I want to watch. She’s older, and undoubtedly brasher.  Why would I ever willingly  listen to that?  I hate woman.  Truthfully, I hate everyone. But strong-willed women have really worn me down, man. So much so, that I’m not even curious to see how the whole secretary story line will be handled.

Secretary #94 – Dan Quayle?

“Tempting.  But no.”

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