The underachiever’s Reunion post

I’ve decided to take an underachiever’s perspective on this post.  My intention was to create something amazing – beautiful words flowing, lovely sentences that  move the reader  and … blah, blah, blah.   Well, it ain’t gonna happen. I’ve started and restarted a number of times to achieve my goal, only to be disappointed. My ramblings about how wonderful the weekend really was turned out to be just that – ramblings – that were borderline readable.  Then I realized the brevity and poignancy of the MasterCard moment post regarding the reunion was probably more perfect than anything else I could create at this moment.  So I will leave well enough alone.  However, I do want to touch on something that’s related to ‘reunions’ and kinda’ funny.

 “You haven’t changed a bit.”

Since I have never attended a class reunion in my life  – Yep – never. I hated High School and the majority of the people that attended.  So, why on earth would I want to socialize with them at timely increments?  I correspond with the select few that I want to maintain contact.  The others – who really cares?  With college, this was never an issue.  But  the distance was – over 500 miles.  It always complicated my potential attendance.

However, a good friend of mine has attended numerous reunions over the last few decades and was troubled by the ‘catch phrase’ she often heard – you haven’t changed a bit .  Actually, she was quite insulted, quipping that she most certainly had changed over the years.   And, more importantly, embraced the change. Going into the reunion weekend, I too knew I would probably hear those words.   So, when I did, my reaction wasn’t nearly as severe.

Is that bad?

I really don’t think so – for me at least.   I like me.  Yes, I have annoying traits, everyone does.  But as far as annoying traits go, mine are usually rooted with good intentions.  I still fuck up quite a lot, but oh well … .  Also, I’m relatively updated.  I’m no fashion magnet by any means, but I clean up quite well.  Oh, I did catch a lot of shit for being ‘multi-media’ challenged.  If that’s the worse thing someone can condemn me for, so be it.

I could continue, but the one thing I have learned – and changed – over the years is to know when to stop.

That’s a good thing.


Though I do have one last ‘addition’ to the MasterCard Moment that truly is  priceless doing 21 push ups in the end zone after The Iowa Hawkeyes scored their third touchdown. 

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