Things that make ME go Hmmm

Last night I finally saw the Ben Stiller remake of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.   As you know, I love the short story. I even posted HWWMR back on 04-27-2013.  I was hesitant to see the film, but assured by every member of my family that it was, indeed, wonderful.  They had the privilege of seeing it over Spring Break at the State Theatre.  I did not.  Yes, seeing things on the big screen, especially The State Theatre big screen, enhances any viewing experience.  Since that was not the case for me, I had to settle for our television.

Well, I think I missed something.

I wanted to be moved.  Instead I was slightly entertained.

Don’t get me wrong, the scenery was absolutely amazing even on the smaller screen.   The message was clear; just not as cathartic as I anticipated.  But what tripped me up the most is that I got hung up on two pivotal events that made me question the creative motives of both Stiller, the director and star, and the screenwriter.


First – Why have so much emphasis on the piano only to sell the damn thing without what appears to be a concern just a few scenes later?

Second – Why did he ‘pitch’ the wallet in the garbage? I realize he was frustrated.  He was just fired and failed to acquire the ‘grail’ he saught.  Then he told the giver of said wallet that he did what he had done?! That was gut wrenching for me.  I realize that these actions advanced the storyline, but I still question the reasoning.  Being a writer, that is what I do, though.  I get the “look inside” and “quintessence of LIFE” metaphors, but to tell someone you admired and respected for close to two decades that you discarded such a thoughtful, purposeful gift … .  Ugh! I guess when someone wants to turn  My Life  As A  Retail Pharmacist into a Fictionalized  Movie I will surely demand creative control.

View From The Top is a hilarious movie that is actually one of my family’s go to comedies.  For the purpose of this post, it is the other thing that makes me go hmmm.   Yes, Gwyneth Paltrow, the star of the movie has done numerous things lately that probably make everyone go hmmm.  Can you say ‘consciously uncoupling parties’?  But that is not what I plan to comment upon.

Paltrow stated in a post movie interview that View From The Top was the worst movie she had done or the biggest mistake of her career or something to that nature.  I researched briefly to get the complete scoop, but I couldn’t find the appropriate interview spot.   That said, I completely disagree.  Paltrow takes what would have been a B-rated movie and elevates it to comedic … not really genius, but it’s pretty damn funny.  The scene below is my daughter’s favorite.  Also, it’s ironic.   I don’t think Gwyneth Paltrow eats bread.


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