Thirty-one shades of purple?

I finally unpacked the Halloween decorations and started the festive makeover process.  I’m quite late this year; actually have been for the past few years.  As the kids grow, the urgency to decorate the house for every season/ holiday kinda falls to the way side.  It’s sad though.   Decorating breathes new life into the house, making it fun.  You know – shake up that daily routine a bit.  I really don’t miss those damn window cling leaves.

Halloween has really come a long was since I was a child.  Unfortunately with that, the retail powers that be have attempted to make changes to the standards that have been around for decades.  Case in point, the decision to include  purple as an alternative to the traditional black and orange.  Purple?  Why the hell would purple be the chosen color?  It doesn’t even have anything to do with autumn.  Who knows. Frankly, who cares? Black and orange probably offended some demographic minority somewhere somehow.  People are such whiny pansies now days.  Boo-fucking-who.  Deal with it.  I’m a traditional black and orange dude myself.  But enough of this purple shit – next Halloween topic.

A few years back, being “Ghosted” was the ‘in’ thing.  It’s like ding-dong-ditch without the angry, ‘damn kids’ neighbor backlash.

If you are looking for a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit, start the You’ve Been Ghosted game in your neighborhood. In the game, one person secretly tapes a picture of a ghost on the doors of two neighbors. The person also leaves a bag of candy and a note with instructions. The note says to leave candy and a ghost for two people within two days. The picture of a ghost shows everyone whose house has already been ghosted. If everyone plays along, the neighborhood is full of ghosts within a short time

Lastly, my favorite Halloween costume memory – a college friend and I decided to be each other for a Halloween party.  I totally rocked it.  My friend, who was me, of course, didn’t.  I AM a hard one to duplicate.  This is probably a good thing.  Still, no one can pull off being me better than …me.  I had the easy costume/personality to mimic  -small town Iowa – double Engineering major – farm boy.  All I had to wear was jeans, a flannel, work glove, and a olive ‘slicker’ and I was good.  The hardest part was the nerdy engineer persona.  I was a pharmacy major, so I was kinda half-way there.  It didn’t matter though.  After everyone started drinking, no one really cared.  But it was way fun.

Well, that’s my trick-or-treat take on the first of the many holidays this time of year.   Happy Fall!

By the way, my mother-in-law makes the best pumpkin pie I have ever had.

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