Promposal (n)

Well, I haven’t had a vocabulary lesson since my -ism post late December 2015.  So, I guess I’m due.  Trust me, this one is really stupid, but kinda’ fun and hip.  Besides, it IS that time of year.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a promposal is –

  • A word referring to a proposal by either a male/female to a prospective date for prom. “Promposals” can be as simplistic as passing a note or as elaborate as proposing with a flash mob with 10 friends in nothing but their underwear in front of the whole school.
  • The act of contriving an elaborate plan to increase your chances of getting at prom, that may

1 – end in utter, humilating failure, because high school relationships totally matter.

2 – result in a pseudomarriage that comes with an order of epicburger with fries on the side.

  • Combination of the words prom and proposal

First, let me say one thing -damn teenagers.  Leave it to them to complicate the simple question –  “Would you like to go to prom?” Not only that, but everyone involved – the boy, the date, AND the parent’s wallet – are poised for disappointment. And, to go broke. After such a ‘spectacular’ invitation,  the expectations of the actual event  are ridiculously high. The anticipated pressure sucks the fun from the entire dance.

Damn teenagers – always trying to outdo one another.  Wonder where they get that from, eh?

I was going to include ‘Worst Promposal Ideas’ from Seventeen  but just couldn’t.  The website was so cluttered with annoying annotations and special offers.  To do that to innocent followers of this blog would be wrong.  Instead, I decided to highlight varied Google opinions on the Best Prom Songs.  Here is a short list in NO order of appearance –

  1. Heaven         Bryan Adams
  2. Faithfully     Journey
  3. Take My Breath Away    Berlin
  4. Wonderful Tonight     Eric Clapton
  5. Crazy for You     Madonna
  6. You and Me     Lighthouse
  7. Truly, Madly, Deeply     Savage Garden


The ultimate prom song?

( had to include this for my blog bro Mr. Robert C. Bradshaw – download his book, too)

I attended prom both my Junior and Senior year of High School.  Junior year a friend of a friend just broke up with her boyfriend.  She had the dress, the tickets, and hell, I think she even had the flowers. No promposal needed –  Unexpected blast.

Senior year was different.  I actually asked the girl in a non-eventful way. She accepted.  We had fun.  Except for the bloody nose, of course.  No drama – just a bloody nose.  A condition that ‘runs’ in my family.  Get it? Bloody nose – run. Oh, did I say I wore a white tuxedo? Yeah, … .

Brooklyn 99 way to propse

Granted this is a marriage proposal, but it sets the standard for all future proposals.

One last time, damn teenagers!

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