vocabulary lesson

At the dinner table the other day, the word ‘shed‘ was referenced.  Not a shed that is constructed to house various outside maintenance tools.  Not shed for when one loses unwanted weight – shed 15 pounds.  But shed, as in ‘shed a tear’.  Translation: Excuse me, I need to use the bathroom.  I have never heard  the phrase ‘shed  a tear’ before.  I’m a guy.  When we need to ‘go’ there are countless, more creative ways to explain our exist from the room or conversation. Then the word ‘moist‘ was mentioned and, well, not only did we have a vocabulary list started but this man had a topic to blog about.

So, here’s a random list of nonsensical words my family came up.  Like everything else in my life, there is no order in which the words are presented.

  • shed – little else needs to be said about this entry.  Besides, I just ‘drained the vein’ so I’m good.
  • residue – this word was actually on a school vocabulary list for my oldest daughter.  When it was read aloud, the entire family cringed.
  • seepage – another offering from my son.  Right up there with residue as far as I’m concerned.
  • squishy – Personally, I have no issue with squishy. I think it’s a fun word, but my youngest daughter wanted it added to the list. I could never deny such a simple request.  So, squishy it is.
  • reflect – I could use an entire post for this word – note: disdainful tone.  Though I think it should be reserved for therapy sessions,  women with  relationship issues, Hallmark cards, and … .


  • portal – I hate this fucking word; damn portals are everywhere.  To me, a portal should be some cool Sci-Fi vortex that takes adventurers to another dimension.  Not a Talent / Learning Portal to ‘interface’ with new company software technology or some bullshit like that.  What’s worse, now medical offices have Patient Portals.  No patient wants to use  or has the patience to use such non-patient centered computer applications. Ugh!
  • artisan – way overused and often in the wrong context.  Yes, frozen pizza may aspire to have an artisan crust.  But then it’s frozen.  There is nothing artisan about that.

Honorably already mentioned in previous posts:

  • moist – Eddie Murphy’s impersonation of the Klump matriarch in “The Nutty Professor” validated this least favorite word for our family long ago. (the dinner table post 03-20-2015)
  • testimonial – here’s my testimonial.  Everyone who writes a testimonial is full of shit or trying to sell something that’s full of shit.  (you should write a testimonial post 08-13-2014)

Lesson over

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