The weather outside is frightful and

it’s only the beginning of December.

In the last week there’s been at least five, if not more, Winter Weather Advisories.  One was actually a Gale Force Wind Advisory.  I’m not 100% sure what that is, but I’m thinkin’ it’s bad.  All I know is that it was damn cold and really windy.   My kids were, and continue to be, extremely disappointed none of these advisories resulted in a snow day.

“But I need a break,” my daughter insisted when I countered that Christmas vacation was less than two weeks away.  Yeah, well so do I, kid.

So, she did what every other Traverse City Public School child did before bed countless days in a row – threw ice cubes down in the toilet, slept with a spoon under her pillow, and wore her pajama bottoms inside out.  Yes, it’s harmless and fun.  However consoling  them the next morning when school ISN’T cancelled does tend to make a parenting challenging.

Oh, I forgot to mention there is now a Snow Day Calculator ( ).  All you do is plug in your zip code, number of snow days this year, and type of school.  The accuracy is astounding. (note- sarcasm)  Since no snow days have been used yet, the probability of a snow day is increased, of course  – like to 99%.  Try rationalizing that to an already excitable child. Certain ‘technologies’ just set you up for disappointment and  failure.

The Weather Channel is having a field day with this early winter blast thing.  I still can’t stand that whole naming winter storms.  In case you are wondering, Electra is the last storm. Apparently it’s the ‘Witches Brew of Winter’  Like I said last year, it’s just dumb.

However with Christmas just weeks away the snow is wonderful.  It just wish it wasn’t so cold so fast.  The wind chill is like -10 degrees.  That’s brutal.  Did I say this is only December?

Well, it could be way worse.  Take Redfield, New York – 50 inches of snow in just 24 hours.  That’s crazy.

Also, it gives me a reason to include this clip.

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