Well, I’ve hit the big 300.  Posts, not years, okay.

Back when I celebrated 200, I compiled a fun MasterCard Moment.  This time around, I had no idea how I wanted to present my postal milestone.  I had a few ideas. Though, none were a strong front runner.

My first thought was to combine this with an updates and understandings recap usually done this time every year.  Truthfully, I have no updates and I understand less and less with every day.  Besides, looking back can be so cliche.  Just wasn’t feeling it.

Instead, I decided to move forward.

I have an appointment with ‘the Yoda’ – Master of all that is Blog.  Soon. I think I’m due for a makeover.  Then again, I kinda like my adamthomasrph.com look – simple, classic, and lean.  None of the complicated shit that is totally obnoxious on other website/blogs.  We’ll see.  Speaking of that, I’ve heard that blogs are becoming a thing of the past.  Well, so am I, baby.  But, I’m still here, looking and feeling just my home page – simple, classic, and lean.  So, fuck ’em.

Most of all, I want to THANK YOU  for reading and following.  This blog truly keeps me sane.  And, writing.  With my familial downsizing, I do have some extra time.  Hopefully, I can put that to use. Translation: my next project.  Right now, I’m still just chillin’.  And, heavy bag training, of course.  Remember, it’s all about the … sting.

Actually, this is post number 303 to be exact. I waited to boast my postal accomplishment for another reason.  I had a 5-STAR  rating recently.  Consequently, it was submitted on  GoodReads.  I was hoping that same reader would post a rating or review on Amazon as well – Amazon reviews are much easier to highlight. (HINT- click the book icon)  Then, something wonderful happened – a different reader posted another 5-STAR review.  On Amazon.  How cool is that?  Better yet,  I was able to cut/paste the actual  STARS.  Aren’t they beautiful!

Awesome!   5.0 out of 5 stars

January 21, 2018

This book almost speaks to u when u are involved in retail, especially as a Pharmacist. 2 thumbs up!!!! It’s not 2018 in the story, but it relates to how it’s always been and will continue being in retail. Loyalty to employees for 15+ years doesn’t mean anything anymore. Thanks Adam
Can’t think of a better way to commemorate my 300 post anniversary.

Keep calm and blog on!

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