Initially, I was going to make this post a two-parter.  The topic of ‘stress’ can fill volumes of textbooks and keeps big Pharma in business, of course. Still, I had it all planned.  WebMD had a Top Ten list of way to combat stress.  At first glance it looked interesting enough. I would exclude the one point I wanted to highlight for  the follow-up post.  Stressed Out by twenty one pilots was the perfect ballad to complete the masterful post. Then, I realized  …

it sucked.

Like, waste of time sucked. The Top Ten list I mentioned was really lame. Worse – a life coach wrote the damn list.  A-Life-Coach. Finally, I actually listened to the words of the twenty one pilot song.  That dude has some serious issues.  Life can be stressful, but this dude wants to, like, crawl back into the womb. Wow.

Solution –

8. Crank Up the (Good) Tunes -better yet  sing at the top of your lungs!

Obviously, this was the point  I intended to highlight. And, it’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately – in my car.


I have always wanted to sing.  Unfortunately, I am horrible.   I’m not sure whether I’m tone deaf or just toneless.  It just doesn’t work for me.  Added bonus – my son chides me about my inability to carry a tune on a regular basis.  Nice kid, eh?  Though for all my failed attempts, one constant ‘positive’ has emerged – I sing scales very well.  Yes, you read that correctly – scales.  Warm-up exercises. That whole “let’s start at the very beginning”  because, you know,  it really is “a very good place to start”.

do – re- mi Sound of Music

One of my last failed attempts at an international singing career was with a local college instructor.  According to her, she was the answer for the want-to-sing community.  Her arsenal –  an entire CD collection of warm-ups for every AND all vocal ranges.  In my zeal to succeed, I purchased both medium-high and medium-low for the ‘male voice’.  Range is key.  Just not for me.  Let me clarify, I have range and can totally kill these scales.  But when I attempt to actually sing a song – Hmmm …. .  Not so much killin’ goin down there.

It’s all good, though.  I like singing scales in my car. It bothers no one and I feel accomplished, succeeding at something as simple of mastering do-re-mi.  Within minutes, my thought process is on a different track and it’s … good. Besides, I could give two shits about an international singing career.  Right now, only one goal exists – New York Times Number One Best Selling Author.

How do you end a post about singing in your car?  Just ask James Corden.

Random question – What would your porn star name be if you had no pets growing up and lived on a numbered street?

Hmm …. . Interesting.

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