the unintentional post

I was struggling with a post topic this time around.  A few ideas were drafted, but nothing grabbed my attention. Besides, it is the week before Christmas. Nothing will grab anyone’s attention.

I considered a post about socks.  Yes, socks.  My daughter loves graphic designed socks. And, they are great gift ideas.  But for me, socks are all about function and, uh, that’s it.  Nothing there.

My snow blower is broken.  Of course it started snowing – every day, mind you.  The good thing is I love to shovel.  Wasn’t feeling that topic either – no good angle.  I originally planned that idea for a January post.  We’ll see. Nothing there now.

Then, the unintentional happened.

Every Monday I work late.  Fortunately, Monday morning is the ONLY time everyone in the household is gone.  Translation: office time. Unfortunately, this week I was scheduled in the morning during office time.  Did I mention it’s the week before Christmas?  I had a lot to do.  And, I really needed my office time.  Needless to say, I was cranky. However, I managed to rearrange my ‘to do’ list accordingly. Remember, I do damage control rather well.

Monday night I had four stores to hit – all in close proximity to each other. Correction five.  My wife requested an additional stop.  Begrudgingly, I agreed.  Oh, did I mention she had coupons?  Yeah.

At my first stop, I was found by an employee as I wandered the establishment, then handed the store phone.  Are you fucking kidding me?  It was my wife informing me that even though the coupons were expired, the store would still honor them. Once again – Are you fucking kidding me?

At my second stop, I saw a former fellow employee.  She stated she had just come from the funeral service for another former employee’s teen aged daughter. Apparently, this girl was born without an enzyme and, well, you can imagine the struggle the family endured.  The father was a good dude – we celebrated Corduroy Day back in 2011 – (11-11-11).  The family moved away years ago seeking more specialized health care. Alas, we lost touch. Their roots were here, though.  So it was decided this is where the service would be held.

I checked the time.  She apparently knew what I was thinking and told me that I could probably still make the viewing if I hurried.  I wanted to be there.  I haven’t had a sense of urgency like that for, like, ever.  I abandoned my remaining errands (and expired coupons) and drove to the funeral home. Suddenly, my want quickly shifted to a need.  I felt horrible for the loss and just wanted to express my condolences.  I was consumed by grief.

By the time I arrived, though, everyone was gone.  I sat in the empty parking lot, contemplating options.  Sadly, there were none.  My opportunity was lost. Now, a sympathy card and/or awkward social media generated message will be sent.  It’s just not the same.

I entitled this as I did because it was not intended to be written.  Some things are not intended to happen either.

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